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Apa itu TCS System ?

TCS System adalah teknologi paling mutakhir dari sebuah mesin espresso yang dikembangkan oleh SANREMO Machines, dimana boiler bukan hanya 'Multi Boiler', akan tetapi "MORE THAN Multi Boiler".
Ya! TCS system memiliki boiler khusus untuk masing-masing 'Group Head', STEAM boiler yang terpisah, dan jalur untuk HOT WATER yang juga terpisah. Ya! "BOILER", bukan -thermoblock ala mesin non komersil-

Hal ini memungkinkan kita untuk menggunakan -DENGAN PRESISI- 2 buah suhu seduh yang berbeda untuk masing masing grup nya untuk beberapa jenis kopi anda. Misalnya : grup ke-1 suhu seduhnya 90 C, grup ke-2 suhu seduhnya 92 C. Bukan hanya itu, sebesar-besarnya anda mengatur tekanan steam, maka suhu seduh kopi anda tidak akan terpengaruh. Jika anda memakai banyak 'Hot Water', kekuatan steam mesin anda tidak akan turun. Dan tentu saja, suhu penyeduhan tidak akan terpengaruh sedikitpun. Juga karena jalurnya yang terpisah, menjamin kualitas 'Hot Water' yang dihasilkan selalu FRESH! Juga, Sebanyak-banyaknya anda memakai 'Steam', suhu penyeduhan kopi anda juga tidak akan terpengaruh sama sekali.

Ditambah, dengan konfigurasi ini terbukti dapat menghambat penimbunan mineral dari air, sehingga umur mesin anda jauh lebih panjang.

Ya, inilah teknologi TCS dari SanRemo.

Sistem ini juga dapat menghemat penggunaan konsumsi energi listrik anda. Berikut ini adalah technical report-nya (dalam bahasa English)


The new machines SANREMO with TCS system (thermal control system) are equipped with a boiler dedicated to each supplying group and with a big, main boiler of 9 litres exclusively in charge of providing steam and hot water.

An electronic device of high-definition placed on each boiler, guarantees a thermal stability which is superior than the other systems with which the traditional Sanremo machines are equipped. The TCS system offers in any working condition and especially during a mixed intensive use (continuous supply of coffee together with steam and hot water for an extended length of time), a superior thermal constancy of the coming out water from the groups.

The separated thermal control of the groups in comparison with the boiler allows the operator to adjust as desired the temperature of the supplying water optimizing it according to the type of coffee in use. It is known that every kind of coffee brew prefers different supplying temperatures in order to obtain an excellent cup of espresso. Moreover, a sensitive LED light signal permits a visual control of the supplying coffee and indicates any anomalies caused by incorrect grinding.

Another major advantage of the Sanremo TCS machines compared to the traditional ones is the rapidity in achieving the perfect conditions of work "start work" at the time of switching on the machine.

The separated TCS boiler system leads towards a significant restructure of the internal heating circuit of the groups that is now shorter. It has extensive passages and it is exclusive for each group, with a beneficial effect both in terms of homogeneity and heating up rapidity of the groups themselves, and for the reliability of the machine. IN FACT WIDER PASSAGES OF WATER MEAN LESS SENSITIVITY TO THE PROBLEMS CAUSED BY LIMESTONE DEPOSITS. Another advantage of the system is its ease of maintenance thanks to the concept "take off and put back", which allows you to replace the boiler with a new one and bring the boiler with limestone deposits back. All the new Sanremo machines with TCS system have an installed power which is higher than the traditional systems with only one boiler and also have a lower energetic consumption. In the new system the volume of the main boiler is 30% reduced and the small boilers that heat up the water : to get espressos coffee are smaller too. This undoubtedly produces advantages in order to achieve the desired temperatures, reducing in this way the number of the resistances' interventions for the achievement and the maintenance of the ideal temperature of the water inside the boilers, and also real advantages in terms of energy consumption.

Another possibility to achieve energy saving is the convenience of being able to use separately the ignition or shutdown of each supplying group, in fact during low work load conditions it is possible to completely switch off a group without altering or affecting the quality of work of the machine's remaining parts. Moreover a timer system allows the automatic power off of the machine during the night and its power on again in the morning.

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